Superpower Squad-Superpower Squad v3.6.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo No Reload)

Superpower Squad-Superpower Squad v3.6.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo No Reload) title=

Superpower Squad


Superpower Squad is a PvP MOBA that blends Shooting with Casual RPG. Diverse multiplayer game modes. The map enables physical destruction and other tactical use options. Just choose heroes with unique fighting skills and talents to compete; amazing fighting skills and logical tactics will make you giggle.

The game uses a bird’s-eye view, but you can’t see all the risks. Watch out for adversaries hidden behind walls, grass, and shadows. You can ambush using the environment’s bunker, which is interesting. All environmental aspects can be eliminated, such as flamethrowers burning grass to destroy bunkers. Find the enemy and kill them!

Classic PVP battle royale mode. 11 players were exiled to an isolated land. Look for energy to strengthen yourself and utilize techniques to beat other players.

In Gem fight mode – Form a group of 5 players and battle against others. The team with the most gems within the time limit wins.


Is a battle royale mobile game that include real-time multiplayer that move quickly and present an engaging survival challenge.The high degree of freedom; destruction of all environmental factors possible.An international battle will be contested by players from various locations of the world.All players’ needs are met by a selection of game modes.There are more than 50 heroic heroes with special abilities awaiting your collection and development.The unique operating display mechanism allows users to convert between horizontal and vertical operations depending on their habits.