Bounce and collect-Bounce and collect v2.9.0 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

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Bounce and collect


Bounce and collect is a game that you can choose to entertain in your spare time or relax after a long workday. The gameplay is straightforward and not too picky, but it still attracts a lot of players because the difficulty increases gradually later. People will have to find many different ways to get through each level, so it has such a terrible attraction.


Bounce and collect builds on straightforward gameplay that anyone can master with just a few basic instructions before getting started. Although this is an arcade game like pinball, the gameplay is entirely different because there is a mixture of classic and modern today. Your task is to cast a shadow from one cup at the top and catch it with another cup below. With the control operation, you need to swipe on the screen to move the cup left or right as you like.

It sounds easy, but that’s just the most accessible level, and it’s not yet the time when you will face areas where the ball is doubled or tripled. When your ball passes through any cell, it will automatically increase a certain amount, and you must collect all of them. To complete a level and unlock the next level, it is mandatory in the last point that you have enough balls in the cup that the requirements have given. If it’s not enough, consider it a failure and continue playing from the beginning until you succeed.


In addition to areas that will double or even quadruple your ball, there will also be areas that significantly reduce the number of balls. You will be at a slight disadvantage if you accidentally let your balls pass through those areas because you will not have enough balls by the last cup. However, if you know how to control and control the ball’s path, the failure rate will certainly not be high.

Because the terrain is designed like a maze with many alternating paths, it is difficult for you to know if the ball is going in the right direction you want or not. It’s best to look around very carefully and slowly drop the shadow to avoid drifting in the other direction. Sometimes there are levels where you will encounter some blue rubber sheets, and if you let the ball fall into it, they will start bouncing in a very chaotic way, so you should prioritize choosing the safest route.


The feature that is always interested by the game’s manufacturers will be the graphics because it will directly affect the player’s experience. A game with good graphics can win the hearts and minds of the participants right from the first experience. That’s why the developers of this Bounce and collect have also invested in developing the best graphics quality for their products.

All images brought to players inside the game will always be invested and transmitted with top image quality. Especially in the graphic feature that can be mentioned is the effect of the movement of the marbles inside your game. Along with that, the game’s colors have also been developed in a bright style that promises to be wonderful and new experiences.


Besides graphics, the sound will also be an essential feature that games need to invest in and develop. Sound is considered the leading soul of the game, and it can convey all the emotional messages of the game maker to its players. So the best sound system has been added inside your play to get yourself the perfect experience.

The first will be the music that always plays in the background of Bounce and collect as you take on the challenges that are set. Background music can guide the player’s emotions and provide the focus needed to take on his challenge. Along with that, you need to pay attention to the unique sound effects to describe the falling marbles that you can feel genuine in your game.


The game is designed for addictive and highly entertaining gameplay experiences for free time.The gameplay gives players an effortless style, but the level of effectiveness for entertainment purposes is exceptionally high.Many challenges with different levels are designed and arranged in increasing difficulty over many rounds.The game’s graphics are designed with a combination of bright colors that are highly youthful, beautiful, and attractive to players.The sound system with many particular sounds can describe in detail and realistically the movements of the marbles in the game.